When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” Acts 2:37

The gospel is truth that demands a response. It undoes us and remakes us. It sets us on a new path, with a new purpose and a new destination. In the book of Acts we see transformation and growth. We see earthquake, fire and resurrection. But it’s that lives are changed through Jesus that is most remarkable. In Acts, Christ’s apostles take the gospel across cultures and classes. And we see it transcend gender and tradition, language and customs. Despite opposition, persecution and death this message of life and hope, this gospel of Jesus is unstoppable.

This summer join us as Kanishka Raffel leads us in the apostles’ footsteps through the book of Acts. Be reminded of the astonishing early days of the Church. Be challenged to let the gospel change and remake you as we wait on God’s guidance.

Dramatic things happen at CMS Summer School. God calls people to serve. He opens doors. He points the way. When believers gather in God’s name to glorify him and seek his will – he answers.

Are you ready?

Why you should come to CMS Summer School 2016

Relaxed fellowship and refreshment

Start the year with other believers. It’s a rich blessing to be surrounded by God’s people, learning together how to serve him.

Honest and personal insights into global mission

Start the year with a heart for mission. Hear from CMS missionaries how God is building his church worldwide.

Uncompromising and faithful Bible teaching

Start the year with a focus on God’s word. Let God set the agenda for 2016 as you listen to the Bible taught and shared.

Who is CMS Summer School for?
CMS Summer School is for you! But it’s all about God; his son and his word, his mission and his world. This unique event is more than a mission conference with great teaching. It’s an opportunity to learn, reflect and listen. With programs for children and youth and adults, there’s something for everyone.
World class speakers
Like-minded believers
Unstoppable Gospel
Who’s speaking at CMS Summer School?
August 13, 2015

In the mornings Rev Kanishka Raffel will be speaking on the book of Acts. Born in London to Sri Lankan parents, Kanishka came to Christ as a student at Sydney University. After serving in Western Australia as the rector of St Matthew’s, Shenton Park since 1999, Kanishka will move to Sydney […]

How to apply for CMS Summer School 2016
August 13, 2015

Online applications have now closed Can I still register for CMS Summer School 2016? Adults and Gen:Mission attendees can register on site. On site registration will be charged at the full rate. Please note: there will be no on site registration available for the Youth and Children’s program. For ideas on alternate arrangements for children […]

August 13, 2015

Can I still register for CMS Summer School 2016? Adults and Gen:Mission attendees can register on site. On site registration will be charged at the full rate. There will be no registration of children for the Youth & Children’s program on site. What are the dates of CMS Summer School 2016? CMS Summer School 2016 […]

August 13, 2015

I’ve never been to CMS Summer School. What do I need to know? Who organises CMS Summer School? CMS Summer School is organised by the NSW & ACT branch of CMS. CMS (Church Missionary Society) is a fellowship of Bible-believing individuals and churches committed to gospel proclamation. Together we send missionaries across cultures to proclaim […]

Info pack
August 13, 2015

CMS Summer School – Info pack. Transport at CMS Summer School: The best way to get to Summer School is Park and Ride, a free daily bus service that will take you directly to the KCC site. There are two Park and Ride services running each morning: Katoomba High School: Park at […]

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