July 30, 2017
What are the dates of CMS Summer School? How do I apply?


What are the dates of CMS Summer School 2019?
CMS Summer School 2019 runs from 5-11 January, 2019. The opening session begins at 7pm on Saturday 5 January 2019.

When can I apply?
Applications are now open and close 3 December. Families must apply online for Youth and Children’s programs. Read more…

Is there an info pack?
Detailed information about CMS Summer School 2019, including Youth and Children’s programs, will be available here soon.

How much does CMS Summer School cost?

Pricing Sat-Fri Mon-Fri Daily
By December 3 2018
Adults 180 168 42
Concession 125 100 25
Children (first 3 only) 70 55 15
Max per family 560 501 129
on site registration
Adults 220 50
Concession 150 30
Children No on site registration for children

How do I apply as an adult?
How do I apply as a family?
Families with children must apply by 11 September 2018 to be a part of the automatic allocation. After the automatic allocation on 12 Sept, if there are spaces available, applications will still be accepted online until 3 December. There will be no registration of children for the Youth & Children’s program on site. Read more…

Adults can apply online until 3 December, via the CMS Summer School brochure, or on site (full rate applies for adults registering on site).

Can I register on site?
Only adults can register on site. On site registration will be charged at the full rate. Children must apply online.

Can my child pick their program or year group?
No. Children must be placed in the correct program, and cannot choose to attend a different program.

What are my options if my children don’t get a place?
If your children miss out on a place you may still:

  • Register your family for what is available and:
    • Team up with other parents from your church to share supervision, or
    • Upon arrival to CMS Summer School take your children to an overflow tent where you can listen to the talks while supervising your children. An indoor fenced play area is available for very small children in this tent. Parents will need to bring toys and/or activities for their children.
  • Modify or cancel your booking.

For cancellations and refunds please email nswsummerschool@cms.org.au

Does my registration include accommodation and meals?
No, you must organise your own accommodation and meals. CMS provides tea and coffee after each morning session. There is limited accommodation available on site. Read more.

Why are spaces limited in Youth and Children’s programs?
In God’s kindness, the Youth and Children’s programs associated with Summer School have grown at a remarkable rate. Our goal is to provide a place for every applicant to the program but even with these extra places, some may miss out. To ensure that we continue to provide a safe and child-friendly event we have worked towards the following:

  • Ensuring we have a good ratio of children to leaders. This means that all children are well supervised and have a safe space to learn and meet other children.
  • Caring for our leaders throughout the week so that they don’t burn-out.
  • Meeting in well equipped, clean and safe spaces.

How do I volunteer at CMS Summer School?
If you can help, even if it is just for a few days, please contact Tony Hinchon. As part of the application process there is an check box option to be contacted with more information regarding volunteering. Simply select the areas that you would be interested in helping and CMS will contact you. All helpers will be subject to selection criteria.

Can we invite people up to Summer School for the day?
Yes – you can invite adults up to CMS Summer School for the day. Many churches ask members to come up for a day of Summer School and share lunch at a park or member’s holiday house.

On site day registrations are available for adults. However there is NO on site registration for the Youth and Children’s program. Parents must register their children online prior to December 3 if they want their children to be part of the children’s program that day, but note that places are limited. Families with unregistered young children can watch the morning sessions in the Café tent where there is a safe play area.

What can I do in free time?
There is free time every afternoon for you to do whatever you want. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bushwalking
  • Cafés and shopping in Katoomba and surrounding suburbs such as Leura and Blackheath
  • Visit a lookout or take the Scenic Railway down the Blue Mountains
  • See a movie at ‘The Edge’ cinema
  • If the weather is fine, go for a swim at Blackheath pool

Can I apply for a single day?
Yes, daily rates are listed in the table above.

I haven’t booked and I’m here now. Can you fit my kids in?
No. Families with young children who are not in the program can watch the morning sessions in the Café tent where there is a safe play area.