August 13, 2015
Purchase talks from CMS Summer School. Download the first two talks from 2016 free.

CMS Summer School 2016 media

Talks from CMS Summer School 2016 are now available online.

Download Kanishka’s first two talks free
Talk one – Unstoppable – without Jesus? Acts 1:1-26 (7mb)
Talk two – Unstoppable – without power? Acts 2:1-42 (7mb)
If you encounter problems streaming these talks on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), please download the talks to a computer and then copy the files to your device.

Fundraising Songs from CMS Summer School 2016
Purchase digital downloads of the songs Across the Streets and Living sacrifice sung at Summer School 2016. All proceeds go to the support of CMS missionaries.
Purchase now.

CMS Summer School Videos
We will be offering digital downloads of the Bible talks on video. Go to CMS video page.

Media from previous years

Catch up on CMS Summer School talks from world-class speakers including John Yates, John Azumah, Wei-Han Kuan, Andrew Reid, Vaughan Roberts, Peter Jensen, Lindsay Brown and more. View media.

Download the first two talks from 2015
Please download the first two talks by John Yates from Summer School 2015
Talk 1 (9.1mb) – A slave, a message, a city in need
Talk 2 (9.3mb) – Good news about God’s wrath