July 30, 2017
Take the guided tour of the who, what, where, when and why of CMS Summer School.

New to CMS Summer School?

I’ve never been to CMS Summer School. What do I need to know?

Who organises CMS Summer School?

CMS Summer School is organised by the NSW & ACT branch of CMS. CMS (Church Missionary Society) is a fellowship of Bible-believing individuals and churches committed to gospel proclamation. Together we send missionaries across cultures to proclaim the gospel of Jesus and to encourage his people. Our vision is to see a world that knows Jesus.

Why come to CMS Summer School?

It’s unique
There’s nothing like it. It’s a conference about the Bible, mission and fellowship with other believers. It’s a week of learning and teaching, giving and receiving. But it’s also a time to stop and let God set your heart for the year ahead.

It’s bold
Dramatic things happen at CMS Summer School. God calls people to serve. He opens doors. He points the way. When believers gather in God’s name to glorify him and seek his will – he answers. Are you ready?

It’s a privilege
Be refreshed by the company of God’s people. Be filled as you hear God’s word taught. Enjoy the wonder of God’s mercy as you hear of his work around the world.

Who is Summer School for?

CMS Summer School is for you! This is your opportunity to be amazed by the supremacy of Christ as we study Colossians together. It’s a chance to hear up-to-date stories about how God’s promises are being worked out through his son, Jesus, and in his people all around the world.  Come and be strengthened to live for Christ and to share him with others, as you spend time in the Bible and with the CMS fellowship. It’s a time to understand God’s mission for the world and to consider your part in seeing a world that knows Jesus. CMS Summer School is for everyone as there are programs designed for each age group. Come and join us as we follow Jesus in 2018!

What should I bring to Summer School? What do I need to organise?

You will need to organise your own accommodation and your own food. Many visitors to Summer School rent accommodation in the local area. One thing to remember is your Bible!  CMS provides a book for taking notes, a pen and some other goodies!

Where is Summer School held?

Summer School is held at the Katoomba Conference Centre in the Blue Mountains, corner of Cliff Drive and Violet Street, Katoomba. The Youth and Children’s program is held at various locations around the site with some programs at the CMS Conference Centre and others at Katoomba Primary and Katoomba High School.