July 30, 2017
We are excited to announce our key Bible speaker and international speaker for 2019!

Speakers at CMS Summer School 2019

In the mornings

Gary Millar

Gary will bring us talks from Jeremiah and will explore how God’s word to Judah and the surrounding nations is also a word to us now, as we seek to carry the gospel to our broken world. Gary worked as a pastor for 17 years in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland before becoming Principal of Queensland Theological College in 2012. He teaches Old Testament, Biblical Theology and Preaching at the College and is the author of several Christian books including a theology of prayer. Gary is married to Fiona and they have three daughters.

Evenings and seminars

Dr Peter Thein Nyunt

Peter will challenge and inspire us with how God is reaching Buddhist people with the saving news of Jesus. He is the Head of Missions Studies and Director of Post-graduate Studies at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. Peter was a Buddhist monk who accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour after questioning whether good works could save him. Peter is passionate about reaching Buddhist people with the wonderful news of grace on offer through Jesus Christ, and holds a PhD in missiology.

Rev Simon Gillham

Simon will bring us three Bible talks in the evenings, presenting a fresh understanding of mission as we see it through God’s word. Simon served with CMS in Namibia before his appointment at Moore College, where he is the Head of Department of Mission, and Director of the Centre for Global Mission. Simon is currently working on a PhD on theological education and has been involved in a number of consultations in Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Kenya. He is married to Margie and they have two children at university, Maddie and Noah.