July 30, 2017
What are the dates of CMS Summer School? How do I apply?


Registration update

Due to the overwhelming response of the CMS Fellowship in booking for an on-site conference, and in light of current COVID-19 restrictions, we have had to close in-person registration for CMS Summer School in Katoomba.

Registrations to view the conference online are now being taken below for the reduced price of $100 per booking. If multiple families are watching from the same location, please include them in the same booking.

Is CMS Summer School on in 2021?

We are proceeding with plans for an on-site Summer School conference in Katoomba in January. Watch this video for an update from John Lovell, the Executive Director of CMS NSW & ACT, on our plans to proceed with the conference in a safe and scalable way. View COVID-19 updates at nswsummerschool.org.au/update.

What are my options if I registered to attend Summer School in person?

You will have received an email where you can submit your preference to attend CMS Summer School in our new morning (9–11:30am) or afternoon (4–6:30pm) timeslots. These will be repeated Bible talk sessions with different in-person missionary sessions. You will also have access to a selection of online pre-recorded mission sessions, with talks from our international speaker, St Andrew’s Hall speaker, and CMS missionaries.

Please note that in-person registration is currently closed for CMS Summer School.

What happens if I register for the online-only conference?

Register for the online-only version of CMS Summer School and in December you will receive a link to stream the full conference. Main sessions (with Bible talks and missionary sessions) will be available to view at two timeslots, 9–11:30am or 4–6:30pm. Mission sessions (with other speakers and missionaries) will also be available to view during Summer School.

Will I receive a CMS Summer School pack?

In December, we will mail a Summer School pack to all attendees who are currently registered for the conference, which includes a conference booklet, pen, and more. For those who register after 7 December, we are unable to guarantee that you will receive a physical pack.

What are the new times for the Youth and Children’s programs?

Please note that our Youth and Children’s program is only available to those who have already registered for Summer School. In-person registration is currently closed.

The Youth and Children’s programs have also been updated for CMS Summer School 2021. Each year group will now be placed in a separate program, to align with NSW government restrictions.

The new timings for the 2021 Youth and Children’s programs are as follows:

Kindy – Year 5 programs: Running in the mornings from 9–11:30am

Year 6 – 12 programs: Running in the afternoons from 4–6:30pm

It is with sadness that due to COVID-19 limitations, we have had to cancel the Crèche and Pre-school programs. Please note that this year, you will not be able to bring children to the CMS Summer School main site.

What are the dates of CMS Summer School 2021?

CMS Summer School 2021 will run from 2–7 January, 2021. The opening session begins at 7pm on Saturday 2 January 2021.

Where is Summer School held?

CMS Summer School is held at Katoomba Christian Convention (119 Cliff Drive, Katoomba) and online. Please be aware of the possible impacts of COVID-19 on the Summer School program and location. Stay informed at nswsummerschool.org.au/update.

When can I apply?

Applications are currently closed to attend CMS Summer School in person. Registrations to view the conference online are now being taken for the reduced price of $100 per booking.

Can I register when I get to Summer School?

Due to space constraints in light of COVID-19, there will be no on-site registration in 2021. However, online registrations are now being taken for the reduced price of $100 per booking, which will enable you to stream the full conference.

I’m 75+ years of age, immunocompromised, or in another high-risk category. Can I come to Summer School?

Currently, there is no restriction on who is able to attend CMS Summer School. However, it is important that you consult a medical practitioner when deciding whether or not to attend a large religious conference.

Am I safe from COVID-19 at Summer School?

The Summer School team is carefully planning the conference in light of possible COVID-19 restrictions in January. This includes following all government advice and public health orders, as well as social distancing guidelines. You will need to consider your personal situation when deciding to attend Summer School.

What happens if I get sick before CMS Summer School?

Registered attendees who show COVID-19 symptoms in the two weeks leading up to the conference, who have recently been to a COVID-19 hotspot, or who are a confirmed case of COVID-19 will not be able to enter the CMS Summer School site.

What happens if I can’t attend in person?

There will be a livestream available for those who have registered but have found they are no longer able to attend in person. Regardless of the format of the conference, Katoomba will remain the central hub and broadcasting location of Summer School. We are committed to maintaining a familiar setting for Summer School, even if attendees are spread across the Blue Mountains region and must watch the conference from their accommodation.

What happens if a physical Summer School conference is not possible?

Our contingency plan is to move Summer School to a livestream-only conference if restrictions do not permit us to meet in person. However, we do not want to make this decision until it is necessary, and we are praying and hoping to be able to gather physically, enabling our missionaries to engage with supporters face-to-face. If an online-only conference is necessary, we will get in touch with the primary contact on your application form.

How much does CMS Summer School cost?
Pricing Sat-Fri Daily
Adults 180 45
Concession 125 25
Children (first 3 only) 75 15
Max per family 585 135
There is no on-site registration in 2021

Registrations to view the conference online are now being taken below for the reduced price of $100 per booking.

Can I apply for a single day?

Yes, daily rates are listed in the table above.

Are refunds available if I am no longer able to attend Summer School?

We understand that there is a level of uncertainty around CMS Summer School 2021 and thus as a sign of good will, we will be providing full refunds for those who wish to withdraw their application at any time before 8 January 2021. Partial refunds will also be available if you choose to watch the conference online, or if government restrictions require Summer School to move to an online-only conference.

You can request a refund by emailing nswsummerschool@cms.org.au. If you choose not to accept a refund, your money will be allocated to the cost of running Summer School, however you can choose to have your registration fee allocated to a missionary you support instead. Simply email us advising us of a missionary you would like to support in this way.

Is there an info pack?

Detailed information about CMS Summer School 2021, including up-to-date information about COVID-19, will be available in mid-December. Stay up to date at nswsummerschool.org.au/update.

Does my registration include accommodation and meals?

No, you must organise your own accommodation and meals. Due to COVID-19, please prepare to bring all your own snacks and drinks to Summer School, as morning tea will not be provided.

Can my child choose their program or year group?

No. Children must be placed in the correct program, and cannot choose to attend a different program.

How do I volunteer at CMS Summer School?

If you are able to serve at Summer School for a few days or the whole week, please let us know. As part of the Summer School application process there is a check box option to be contacted with more information about volunteering. Select the areas that you would be interested in serving and CMS will contact you.

All volunteers will be subject to selection criteria and must complete a declaration including signing and agreeing to comply with the CMS Code of Conduct.