July 30, 2017
Download media from CMS Summer School, including the first two Bible talks for free!


CMS Summer School 2019 media

Listen to this year’s Summer School talks from Gary Millar, Simon Gillham and Glenn Davies.

Audio from Summer School 2019
Video from Summer School 2019

Download the first two MP3 talks by Gary Millar for free!
Download Talk 1
Download Talk 2

If you encounter problems streaming these talks on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), please download the talks to a computer and then copy the files to your device.

CMS Summer School media from 2018 and earlier

Catch up on CMS Summer School talks from world-class speakers including Richard Chin, John Yates, John Azumah, Wei-Han Kuan, Andrew Reid, Vaughan Roberts, Peter Jensen, Lindsay Brown and more.

Audio from previous CMS Summer Schools
Video from previous CMS Summer Schools