July 30, 2017
Find out what happens at CMS Summer School and hear why 2019 is a year not to be missed!

What happens at CMS Summer School?

CMS Summer School 2019 will be held at KCC, Cliff Drive, Katoomba. The opening session begins at 7pm, Saturday 5 January 2019.

Download a detailed program for CMS Summer School sessions

Download talk outlines for the morning and evening sessions


What does a day at CMS Summer School look like?

8.45am – Parents drop off children for Youth and Children’s programs 
 – Morning Bible study sessions with Gary Millar
10.45am – Morning tea
11.15am – Missionary sessions (seven to choose from each day on different topics)
12.15pm – Parents collect children from Youth and Children’s programs
12.15 – 7pm – Free time – explore the mountains, spend time with friends and enjoy a rest
7 – 9.30pm – Evening sessions with Peter Thein Nyunt and Simon Gillham, featuring missionaries from a different region each night
9.30-10.15pm – Missionary supper sessions

Youth & Children’s program

There are nine age-based programs for your children that run alongside the morning sessions. This year the Youth and Children’s program will also focus on Jeremiah. We will provide family Bible studies so you can grow and learn from God’s word together.

You must apply for children’s places online. You cannot register for the Youth & Children’s program on site.

View availability now.

Got more questions on the Youth and Children’s program? Read the FAQs

Adult program

We will upload a detailed program here closer to the date.

For many Christians, CMS Summer School is one of the best loved events of the year. We’ve been holding this annual conference for over 100 years. And while some things have changed – electricity, plumbing, caffeine – the heart of Summer School is the same: faithful and challenging Bible teaching, inspiring first-hand insights into cross-cultural ministry, and plenty of time to catch up with friends in the afternoons.

Held from the first Saturday in January through to the following Friday, CMS Summer School is a time of renewal and reflection. It’s a week of immense value for all believers as we live out our lives for Christ. If you’ve never been, join us this January in Katoomba. We’d love to have your company.

How do I volunteer at CMS Summer School?

There are plenty of ways to serve at CMS Summer School. View a full list of volunteer roles and requirements. If you can help, even if it is just for a few days, please indicate this as part of your Summer School application. Simply select the areas that you would be interested in helping and CMS will contact you. All helpers will be subject to selection criteria.