Covid-19 updates
July 28, 2020
Stay updated on CMS Summer School and COVID-19.

Covid-19 updates

Watch this video for an update from John Lovell, the Executive Director of CMS NSW & ACT, about our plans to proceed with the conference in a safe and scalable way.

8 September 2020

We are so thankful and excited to see the number of people who have registered for CMS Summer School so far! Below you will find an update regarding the conference format, refunds, and our Youth and Children’s program.

Should CMS Summer School become an online-only conference?

At this stage we are continuing to proceed with plans for a largely on-site conference, and are prayerfully optimistic that government restrictions in January 2021 will enable us to move forward in this way.

We understand that under current restrictions, we would not be able to hold a physical Summer School conference, and are aware of the number of Christian organisations who have cancelled their events or moved them online.

Our contingency plan is to move Summer School to a livestream-only conference if restrictions do not permit us to meet in person. However, we do not want to make this decision until it is necessary.

We are praying and hoping to be able to gather physically, enabling our missionaries to engage with supporters face-to-face. This will be especially valuable for our secure workers who are unable to safely share about their ministries in an online format.

What happens if I can’t attend in person?

There will be a livestream available for those who have registered but have found they are no longer able to attend in person.

Regardless of the format of the conference, Katoomba will remain the central hub and broadcasting location of Summer School. We are committed to maintaining a familiar setting for Summer School, even if attendees are spread across the Blue Mountains region and must watch the conference from their accommodation.

Will refunds be available?

We understand that there is a level of uncertainty around CMS Summer School 2021 and thus as a sign of good will, we will be providing full refunds for those who wish to withdraw their application at any time before 9 January 2021.

Partial refunds will also be available if you choose to watch the conference online, or if government restrictions require Summer School to move to an online-only conference.

You can request a refund by emailing

If you choose not to accept a refund, your money will be allocated to the cost of running Summer School, however you can choose to have your registration fee allocated to a missionary you support instead. Simply email us advising us of a missionary you would like to support in this way.

What about the Youth and Children’s program?

You will have likely noticed that under the current restrictions, non-essential school activities are not currently permitted. However, government guidelines are constantly under review and there is some optimism around school activities in Term 4.

Given that Summer School runs beyond this timeline, we are hopeful about the possibility of proceeding with our Youth and Children’s program. As mentioned, refunds will be available if the program does not go ahead.

We hope this information gives you confidence in applying for CMS Summer School 2021. Updates will continue to be shared here when available.

29 July 2020

We are proceeding with plans for an on-site conference for CMS Summer School 2021 (2–8 January) in Katoomba.

In light of the challenges of COVID-19, we are working hard to ensure that Summer School 2021 can proceed in a safe and scalable way – in line with possible government restrictions in January.

While there will likely be some changes to the 2021 conference, you can be assured of excellent Bible teaching, encouraging stories from missionaries, and an exciting youth and children’s program at Summer School.

We will have the privilege of hearing in-depth Bible talks from Carl Matthei, who serves Campus Bible Study (the student ministry of the University of New South Wales). Carl will be exploring with us Jesus’ words from the sermon on the mount.

We can also look forward to challenging talks from David Williams, Director of Training and Development for CMS, Mark, director of a partner organisation in the Middle East, and Glenn Davies, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney.

As we face a world that continues to need to know Jesus, would you consider joining us at CMS Summer School and engaging in global mission this January?

26 June 2020 

We are pleased to announce that we are going ahead with planning a full conference for CMS Summer School 2021.

We are looking forward to being able to engage with adults, children and youth at Summer School, and are carefully planning how to do this safely and effectively amidst possible COVID-19 restrictions.

More information will become available in July. For now, please save the date and get excited for a great week of engaging with God’s mission!