Volunteers needed
July 30, 2017
CMS Summer School run by volunteers and we need your help! Are you able to volunteer?

Volunteers needed

CMS Summer School is run by volunteers and we need your help!

Are you able to volunteer in one of the following roles? (see descriptions below)

  • Youth and Children’s helper (particularly Crèche)
  • Car park helper (at Clairvaux Oval and the Gully)
  • Bus stop helper
  • Usher
  • Shuttle driver
  • Road crossing helper
  • Administration (Adult program)
  • Administration (Youth and Children’s program)

If you’re able to help, please email Tony Hinchon at thinchon@cms.org.au

For all roles except kids programs, volunteering usually involves filling a couple of shifts over the entire week.

CMS is committed to the safety and well-being of all adults and children who attend CMS Summer School. Therefore all volunteer roles are subject to selection criteria including a minister referee and Volunteer Declaration.


Volunteer role descriptions

Youth and Children’s helper

Assist the Youth and Children’s team to lead one of the 9 Youth and Children’s groups ranging from crèche-age through to years 11-12. The Youth and Children’s groups conclude at 12.15pm, however Crèche finishes at morning tea (10.45am).

A Working with Children Check and Safe Ministry Accreditation will be required for all Youth & Children’s Program volunteers.

Car park helper

Join a team of people directing cars to park on the oval or other designated car parking stations we establish.
Sign up for the morning OR evening shift parking cars before the session and then helping them to exit after the session.

Shifts are:
• Morning Shift: 7:45 till 9:15am and then again 12:15 till 1pm
• Evening Shift: 6 till 7:15pm and then again 9:15 till 9:45pm

Bus stop helper

Can you help us manage the bus stop in Violet Street? This will mean helping people to load onto the buses efficiently. You’ll need to be on duty during the following times – 8:15 to 9:15 each morning and 12 to 1 each afternoon.


The Ushers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of delegates in sessions within the auditorium, overflow tent and Café tent. They have an important role managing the movement of delegates in the event of an emergency or evacuation.

There are morning and evening shifts, with Ushers on duty 45 minutes before each session until 30 minutes into morning session and 15 minutes into evening session.

Shuttle driver

Can you help us transport people to and from the Auditorium from Violet Street (adjacent to Clairvaux Oval) and the Gully? You need to have a valid C (car) License to drive the shuttle.

Road crossing helper

Work as part of a team ensuring safe crossing at Violet Street. The morning shifts go from 8:15-9:15am then from 12-1pm. The evening shifts from 6-7pm then from 9-9:30pm

Administration (Adult program)

Assist CMS staff with various admin tasks including helping with the Media Sales desk.

Administration (Youth and Children’s program)

Enable our Youth and Children’s Program to run smoothly and efficiently by assisting with admin.